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Managing all data digitally and working from anywhere - this is no longer a dream for flexible entrepreneurs. Whether you are a freelancer in a co-working office, an employee in a home office or working abroad - a digital desk can optimally support your daily workload. Find out here what a digital desk can be and how it can be organised.

Digital Desk - Definition

A digital desk cannot be clearly defined, as the technologies used and how they are used in practice vary greatly depending on the working relationship.

The idea behind the digital desk variant can be understood as the basic principle of mobility and secure data access from a wide variety of locations. Here, the workplace is effectively organised on the basis of digital technologies and is ready for work at any time.

A Digital Desk Offers These Advantages

The digital desk has a lot to offer freelancers, self-employed people, but also permanent employees with a home office option. Within this framework, they can benefit from the following advantages:


All work materials are digitised and accessible online at any time. This allows you to work effectively and save time.


You can work on your digital desk from anywhere, all you need is a computer and internet access. This is perfect for anyone who often works in a home office or anywhere in the world.

Versatile Tools for More Efficiency

Working on the digital desk is made easier by useful tools. These are, for example, calendar apps or digital workspaces that you share with others.


You don't need to set up a fixed place with your own desk plus chair and lighting. With a digital desk, you use different places and desks that you even share with others.

Digital Desk – Popular Tools

There are various tools for the digital desk that make it easier for you to work alone and together in a team.


All you need is a tablet or laptop for mobile use and of course a good internet connection. In some co-working spaces you can often also use larger monitors, if that makes sense for a project.

Project and Team Management

You have mobile access to documents and programmes. Innovative tools such as Trello, Asana or Slack enable you to work together effectively in a team on several projects at the same time. Here you can exchange information with your team via chat and work on all tasks related to the project.

Dates at a glance

To ensure that you always have everything on the screen on time, we recommend notebook apps or digital calendar apps that you can use from all your mobile devices. Thanks to synchronisation, you always have an overview of all important appointments and deadlines on your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

A voice assistant is also practical for mobile use, thanks to which you can spontaneously digitise your ideas on the go. This is also very helpful for quickly taking notes from (telephone) conversations and meetings.

The Digital Desk as a Future Trend

Even if a digital desk is not yet an option for everyone, the trend is clearly moving towards more mobile networking. Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful. The expansion of mobile internet is also progressing and is already at a good level, at least in the big cities.

What could be even better in the future are the possibilities for fast and, above all, secure data transmission, which are also necessary for digital desks and workspaces.


The digital desk can be arranged differently for everyone. But it always has the goal of enabling mobile working and making work processes as efficient as possible. Whether at home or at another location - a digital desk is flexible and gives you more freedom when working. The programmes you use to network depend on whether you are employed or freelance. There are digital workspaces specifically designed for companies, but also many other tools that you can use as a freelancer or self-employed person to set up your virtual desk.

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