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With a digital ID card, you no longer need to make an appointment with the authorities for every application. Many business matters can also be handled much faster and more efficiently with a digital ID. Read here how you can get a digital ID card and how it can be used securely thanks to the chip.

With Chip Card for Use as a Digital ID Card

New identity cards are equipped with a chip, thanks to which they are also suitable for online identification. But in order to simply use the ID card electronically, it must first be activated.

When you receive your identity card, you will be asked whether you want to use it electronically. If this is the case, you will receive an activation code and PIN by post a few days later. Once it has been activated, you can use it online. The use of the digital ID card is free of charge.

Can't find the letter with the activation code or have you forgotten your PIN? Then simply request a new one in writing or online at the Bürgeramt.

Is the Security of the Data Always Guaranteed?

All personal data stored on your digital ID card is transmitted in encrypted form. This means they are well protected and safe from data theft. You always have an overview of which data is transmitted to the respective authority or company.

In addition, the transmission only takes place when you enter your self-selected PIN for confirmation. Regardless of whether your digital ID card originates in Germany or another European country, your data is transmitted in end-to-end encryption. External access is therefore almost impossible.

Digital ID Card - Possible Areas of Application

Unique identification is required for many contracts, and this also applies to applications for official documents or benefits. If you have a digital ID card, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary paperwork.

Today, the digital ID card can be used for the following purposes, for example - and more are being added all the time. The offers can differ from state to state.

Identification with digital ID for:

  • Applying for official documents
  • Conclusion of various contracts, insurances
  • Activation of online banking
  • Insight into the electronic patient file
  • Access to the Federal Employment Agency Application for BAföG
  • Activation of prepaid cards
  • Access to online customs
  • Online vehicle registration
  • Inspection of files in the Federal Archives
  • Login to certain websites

Digital ID Card Germany - Advantages and Disadvantages

The digital ID card is always advantageous if you don't have the time and nerves to go to the authorities in person or if you prefer to immediately conclude contracts online. You also save money by using it online, because you no longer have to schedule extra time for appointments. After all, time is money and often scarce, especially for entrepreneurs. The digital ID card does not only relieve you, but also the authorities, who have to schedule fewer staff for the processing of appointments on site.

Does a digital ID card also have disadvantages? With a digital ID card, you always decide for yourself to whom and when you transmit your personal data. Misuse can therefore only occur if you lose your ID card and your PIN falls into the same hands. Therefore, you should never carry your PIN together with your ID card.

In addition, it may be more difficult to use for people with less internet experience than for young people who are regularly online and have used online services more often.

Here you will find an overview of all the advantages and disadvantages:


  • Fast data transfer
  • Saves time, money and nerves
  • Relieves the authorities
  • Can also be used as an app


  • May be difficult to use
  • No personal contact
  • Less trust in online technology
  • Fear of data theft

The AusweisApp for the Digital ID Card

In Germany, you can also transfer your data to the digital ID card via Ausweisapp. This is practical if you are often on the road and want to conclude mobile contracts and deal with official matters online.

To be able to identify yourself online, you first establish a connection between your ID card and your smartphone app. Here, too, you will be asked to enter your six-digit PIN.

Digital ID Cards Also in Other Areas

Not only the identity card has been digitalised, but more and more sports clubs and associations as well as companies are turning to the digital variant when they want to equip their members or employees for easy identification and admission control. For example, a digital DGV ID card is offered for members of golf clubs.

The Right Photo for a Digital ID Card

In the past, applicants for identity cards came to the authorities with differently printed photos. Some of these were manipulated and could be used for criminal offences. Therefore, it was decided to only accept biometric versions for the digital ID card. These have to fulfil many criteria so that the photo is approved for an ID card.

These rules must be complied with for biometric photos:

  • Headgear is prohibited
  • The entire face must be visible from the front
  • Eyes must be completely open
  • Smiling is not allowed
  • Hair may not cover the face either
  • Sharpness, contrast and background must also be correct
  • For people wearing glasses, the eyes must be clearly visible; tinted or mirrored lenses are not permitted

Professional photographers know the biometric requirements exactly and usually implement them optimally. You will also receive concrete instructions from photo booths.


The digital ID card saves you time and money. For a long time, many appointments could only be handled in person or in writing by post. Now, they can be done much more quickly and efficiently with the digital ID card. This is a relief for the self-employed and freelancers in particular, but private individuals will also save themselves more and more administrative procedures in the future by using the digital ID card. In other areas of life, such as sport and leisure (e.g. digital DGV ID card), but also in companies, digital ID cards are also becoming increasingly popular forms of identification.

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