Coaching: Reporting and Key Figures for Investors

Coaching Reporting and Key Figures for Investors

Which KPIs and tools provide answers to the investors' questions about the team, your business model, your financial ratios and the concrete measures you want to implement? In addition to the classic financial ratios (EBIT, cash flow, liquidity 1,2 and 3rd degree, etc.), we will deal with sales ratios (CAC, churn rate, lost order rate, etc.), personnel ratios and KPIs from e-commerce (conversion rate, average order value, click through rate, etc.). At the end of the coaching you will have an overview of the different business tools and KPIs that will help you to answer investors' questions. These will help you to answer the investors' questions. Furthermore, we will discuss what information the investor report should contain (in the respective life phase of the start-up).

This Is What You Will Learn

  • Which KPIs are the right ones for you?
  • How do I convince investors of my KPIs?
  • How do I build processes to measure my KPIs?

Target Groups

  • Managing directors
  • Executives
  • Founders

About Our Coachings

  • Based on your individual needs, our coachings teach you the essential basics and methods to enable you to manage your business. The motto is: help for self-help.
  • The scope and sequence of the coaching sessions will be individually coordinated with you. Each coaching package includes a package of 3 time hours, which is usually sufficient to conduct two online coaching sessions plus preparation on the topic of your choice.
  • The addition of single coaching hours or discounted coaching packages is possible at any time without any problems. Coaching hours from general coaching packages can be used by you for individual coaching sessions.
  • We have special offers for exist-funded start-up teams on our exist-page. Legal and tax advice only from lawyers and tax consultants.

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Barbara Zimmermann





390 €


Barbara Zimmermann

Barbara Zimmermann

Business Consultant


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