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Why is data protection so important?


Data protection is an obligation that all companies have to fulfill. If you make mistakes here, it can be expensive, as there is a risk of loss of customer confidence, warnings from competitors and fines. At the same time, data protection can be managed quite well with a few effective measures if you are well advised.

What is the difference between data protection and data security?


Data protection generally refers to the protection of personal data. The concept of data security goes further and encompasses the technical protection of all data, not just personal data. Data security is therefore a prerequisite for proper data protection.

Do I even need legal texts for social media?


As a private individual, you do not need legal texts for your own social media accounts. However, as soon as a social media account is used for commercial purposes, the account holder must fulfill all legal information obligations. This includes a privacy policy and a legally compliant legal notice.

What do you need to open an online store?


To open an online store, I need a good business idea, a product that I can scale, good advertising and a website that allows me to operate an online store in a legally compliant manner. Of course, the details are a little more complicated: Do the goods have to be imported? Do I have to take special regulatory requirements into account (e.g. CE marking or packaging law)? Do I also sell to other EU countries? Do I meet the data protection requirements?