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The transparency register: 5 steps to registration

In order to meet the legal requirements and create transparency about the beneficial ownership of your GmbH, it is essential to be entered in the transparency register and to report any changes immediately.

To enter your GmbH in the transparency register, you must follow these steps:


Determine all beneficial owners of the GmbH who must be entered in the transparency register.


Create a user account at


Create your own GmbH and enter your address details.


Add the beneficial owners.


Keep the transparency register up to date with any changes.

Who is the beneficial owner of a GmbH?

Beneficial owners are natural persons with a controlling economic influence over the company. This is the case if
you hold more than 25% of the shares as owner or shareholder or
you as the owner have more than 25% of the voting rights by virtue of the articles of association or
you are the managing director of the company if no shareholder holds more than 25% of the share capital.


Transparency register and limited liability companies: Are there exceptions?

Before August 1, 2021, there was a so-called “notification fiction” after the partnerships entered in the commercial register had already fulfilled their reporting obligation with the information that could be found in the commercial register.

Today, this fictitious notification no longer exists, meaning that GmbHs are now required to actively report to the transparency register without exception.

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Why are entries and updates in the transparency register important for the GmbH and its beneficiaries?

On the one hand, this is the only way to safeguard the purpose of the transparency register and, on the other hand, the penalties for violating the obligation to register or notify amount to up to €150,000.

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Does it cost money to enter the GmbH in the transparency register?

Registration and the entry itself are free of charge. However, an annual fee of €20.80 is charged for the entry itself.

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When does it make sense to set up a GmbH?


A GmbH always makes sense when entrepreneurs want to limit their liability. While sole proprietors are liable with their private assets, the liability of a GmbH is limited to the company's assets. In addition, the legal form of the GmbH generally has a good reputation with banks and other companies. For this reason, it is often chosen as the legal form, as the company appears more trustworthy to the outside world. It is also suitable for investors.

Why set up a GmbH?


Founding a GmbH is attractive for entrepreneurs who do not want to jeopardise their private assets. For security purposes, a share capital of EUR 25,000 is paid into a business account when the GmbH is founded, but this may be used in the normal course of business. The GmbH makes sense for founders who have a high level of private assets and want to protect them well. If you want to attract investors, the GmbH is often the most attractive legal form.

What do I need for a GmbH?


At least one shareholder is required to form a GmbH. This person can also be the managing director. However, the team of a GmbH is often made up of several people who share the tasks and pay in the share capital together. Once the personal details have been established, at least half of the EUR 25,000 share capital must be paid into the business account when the company is founded. This must be topped up to the full amount at a later date. In addition, the GmbH requires a summonable business address. Once the share capital has been paid in, the company is entered in the commercial register and transparency register. A tax number must also be applied for from the tax office for the start of business activities.